Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Fourth Assessment Report - (FAR or AR4) - 2007

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A number of emails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia were published on the Internet in November 2009. This has provided a window into the world of climate science.

We have identified a number of key individuals involved in the emails whom we have designated as Persons of Concern [PoC]; a Journal in which a PoC has published has been designated as a Journal of Concern [JoC].

This is not to suggest that we believe such papers are necessarily flawed, but rather that, as Joseph Alcamo noted at Bali in October 2009, "as policymakers and the public begin to grasp the multi-billion dollar price tag for mitigating and adapting to climate change, we should expect a sharper questioning of the science behind climate policy".

References occur in a list at the end of each chapter. Citations are within the normal text of sections and paragraphs.

Definition of Tags Used
Tag Explanation Where Used References Citations

Person of Concern Key individual involved in CRU emails as defined in this spreadsheet.

NOTE: we anticipate that this definition will be expanded as more data is coded.

References, Citations, IPCC Roles 516 924

Journal of Concern A Journal which has published articles by one or more PoCs (Person of Concern)

References, Citations 6792 10225

Model or Simulation Reference appears to be a model or simulation, not observation or experiment.

References, Citations 3615 5416

Non Peer Reviewed Reference has no Journal or no Volume or no Pages or it has Editors.

References, Citations 6277 8145

Self Reference Concern Author of a chapter containing references to own work.

References, Citations, IPCC Roles 3456 6279

Paper authored or co-authored by person who is also in list of Authors of another chapter.

References, Citations 2681 3930

Paper dated 2007, when IPCC policy stated cutoff was December 2005
with mid-February 2006 for exceptions.

References, Citations 379 893

The short inline citation matched with more than one reference; however, AccessIPCC will link to the first reference found.

Citations - 386

The short inline citation was not matched with any reference. Believed to be caused by typing errors.

Citations - 164

The reference was probably peer reviewed.
The reference was dated before the cutoff (2005-2006).
Its authors were not members of the Team.
It was not published in a Journal of Concern.
Its authors were not AR4 Authors.

References, Citations 3645 4032

Index to Working Groups
Working Group References Citations
Abbrev Title NPR PoC JoC MoS SRC ARC 2007 NPR PoC JoC MoS SRC ARC 2007
AR4-WG1 Physical Science Basis 640 330 4564 2116 1708 1127 56 1067 636 7208 3496 3302 1757 120
AR4-WG2 Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability 2942 156 1926 1055 1178 1234 245 3874 245 2630 1338 1989 1769 564
AR4-WG3 Mitigation of Climate Change 2695 30 302 444 570 320 78 3204 43 387 582 988 404 209

NOTE: In the Summary of Reviewer Comments,
Accepted includes only those responses that were unambiguously Accepted.
There are other categories of responses that we have not yet quantified
due to inconsistencies of usage.

Summary of Reviewer Comments - Second Order Draft
Working Group Govt Rep IPCC Role Independent Expert Total
Abbrev Title Comments Accepted % Comments Accepted % Comments Accepted % Comments Accepted %
AR4-WG1 Physical Science Basis 1909 601 31% 4195 1621 38% 5277 1347 25% 11381 3569 31%
AR4-WG2 Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability 3883 404 10% 7031 924 13% 4121 421 10% 15035 1749 11%
AR4-WG3 Mitigation of Climate Change 1924 659 34% 2716 959 35% 2610 871 33% 7250 2489 34%